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How Many Things Can You Find Wrong With This Picture?
Many of us use the Sackler Science Center on a regular basis,
but how often do we notice the details?

Rules: There are many things wrong in the picture below. See how many you can find.
(Answers have been provided.)

The Sackler Elevator1. The contents of each floor needed to be hand-written next to the floor numbers.

2. Braille not numbers, actually recipes for Chinese food.

3. Vacuous: there are labs and offices on every floor in the building.

4. "Basement" does not tell you what's down there.

5. When you enter the building from Red Square, you are on Button #4, because the UC and Sackler donŐt line up correctly and the unalligned floors meet at the elevator shaft, creating SacklerŐs "half floor hell."

6. The elevator walls are devoid of graffiti.

7. The inspection certificate has not expired.

8. Floor #7 is only the third floor of only half the building.

9. Since this floor is down from Red Square, it should be labeled "ground."

10. Fuzzy photo caused by shaking camera; camera shaking from drunk photographer, and not from shaky elevator cables.

11. Nobody has gotten a paperclip jammed in the Emergency switch.

12. "Door Open" and "Door Close" are actually part of Psychology Dept. experiment on frustration.

13. Although it is Floor #6, the labs and offices have numbers starting with 2.

14. Apparently the Second Floor is #5.

15. "N"-wing numbering continues into "J"-wing side of elevator.

16. Lectures halls directly across from each other start with different numbers, but are not on different floors.

17. Even though you can easily walk from #1 to #2, and #3 to #4, you can't get from #2 to #3 without sneaking through a lecture hall.

18. Alarm is only properly labeled button.

19. The whole building is wrong and should be torn down to build an amusement park.