Armak Productions
"If Charlie Kaufman and the Coen brothers were members of Monty Python…"
Guardians of the Galaxy meets Stripes meets Firefly meets The 40 Year Old Virgin
Sci-fi comedy epic. Feature-length series pilot. Inquiries.
story by Randy Mack and Bill Evans

The worst captain in Starfleet, leading the worst crew,
decides to take control of his life and instead
accidentally triggers an intergalactic war.

What exactly does Starfleet do with that one group of inept cadets
who just-barely graduate the Academy but aren't moldable
into Starfleet material? ...And what happens if they survive it?
- Chesterfield Fellowship - Semi-finalist
- American Zoetrope - Top 3
- Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Conference
- Semi-finalist (Comedy)
- Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Conference
- Semi-finalist (Sci-Fi)
- The Black List: 8-7-7-8-8 -Overall: 8
Dream talent: Director: Greg Mottola, Paul Feig, Edgar Wright
Cast: Bruce Campbell, Mark Hamill, Craig Robinson,
Joan Cusak, Clark Duke, Steve Buscemi,
Nick Offerman, Edie McClurg