Armak Productions
It's a slow day in the upper 9th Ward of New Orleans, until one desperate man makes his move.

Crime/comedy. 1:46. B&W. Silent. Super-8mm. Camera courtesy of Timecode: NOLA. Completed July 2012.

Written, directed, produced, shot, and edited by Randy Mack
Music by Bill Malchow and Randy Mack. Performed by Bill Malchow.

Starring: Peter Orr, Luis Q. Barroso, Andy J Forest, Wanda Leigh, Corina Prados, Michael Dardant, and Ken Swartz.

This film is an alternate edit of Five Minutes Late. Fan page, newsletter, behind-the-scenes, and more:


- The NOVAC 40 Second Film Festival, September 21, 2012. Republic, 7pm.

- TimeCode NOLA’s FestivalONE, September 29, 2012. La Nuit Theater, 12pm